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Note: The Math Forum's CIGS pages are not maintained by Key Curriculum Press, the publishers of Sketchpad. Current and former employees of Key have contributed items, but the authors are not responsible for anything that does or does not work here.

If you have items that you would like us to include in our archives, contact us to find out how to submit them. If there are sketches you'd like to see, please share your request on the discussion group geometry-software-dynamic.

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    Algebra and Calculus via Sketchpad - Ruth Carver
    Exploring equations for lines, parabolas, and tangents using the Geometer's Sketchpad.

    Introduction to Vectors - Gene Klotz
    Supplementary material to help students with their first encounter with vectors, and an experiement in the pedagogical possibilities of the WWW which allows nonlinear use of documents of all types, and of the Geometer's Sketchpad, which has internal possiblities for unveiling, animating, and tabulating, in addition to its dynamic capabilities.

    How to Morph in Sketchpad - Annie Fetter
    Adapted from a talk by Nick Jackiw at the NCTM National Meeting in 1996, this activity shows you how to construct a sketch that will change a simple polygon into a circle.

    Sketchpad Tessellation Tutorial - Cathi Sanders
    Step-by-step instructions for tiling the plane using Sketchpad. Follow the link to student tessellations from Punahou School in Honolulu, HI.

    New! Sketchpad for Little Ones - Geri Anderson-Nielsen
    A description and outline of activities that are done at Georgetown Day School with students from grades 2 on up.


    JavaGSP! - Annie Fetter
    A short tutorial: everything you need to know to make your first JavaSketchpad page. A quick reference is followed by other features, details, and considerations: what you need, what you do, what works, and what doesn't. Examples include Drawing a Solid and Its Net; Investigating Parallelograms; and Identifying Polygons.

    Annie's Sketchpad Activities - Annie Fetter
    Handouts of activities that incorporate JavaSketchpad, including: making a presentation sketch; investigating the properties of quadrilaterals; the Euler segment; morphing a simple figure to a circle; Napoleon's theorem; drawing a box and its net; and three roads to a parabola.


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