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This web site is the product of our 1998 summer project investigating the web-oriented capabilities of current mathematical software. This project was funded by the division of Natural Sciences at Swarthmore College. Additional support was provided by The Math Forum.




A collection of notebooks we made using Mathematica, Maple, and MathView™.

Tutorials on how to use Mathematica, Maple, and MathView™ to publish math on the World Wide Web.

Web-Based Capabilities

New Features of the Software

Information about Mathematica, Maple and MathView™'s web-based capabilities. Can you download pages? Will you need to buy the programs in order to view them on the web?

Information about the latest releases of Mathematica, MathView™, and Maple, in terms of interactivity, mathematical capability and usefulness. Use this page to help you decide which program best suits your needs.

About Us

Meet the Staff

Click here to find out how this research project came into being and what we wanted to do by the end of the summer.

Meet the people behind this project.

If you are a first-time visitor, you may want to check out our set-up page to make sure that you have the necessary helper applications and plug-ins to view our notebooks and tutorials, and that your web browser has been properly configured.

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