The Set-Up Required to View Our MathView™ Notebooks

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  • Make sure that you have the MathView™ Internet plug-in. The plug-in should be INSTALLED in the Netscape or Internet Explorer plug-ins folder. The MathView™ Internet plug-in Installer can be downloaded free, from the Waterloo Maple Web-Site. To download it now, please click on the platform that you are using -- it is available for both Windows/NT and Mac platforms. For Windows95 platforms the MathView™ Internet Installer will install the plug-in in the correct folder automatically. For Mac platforms, you will have to choose the Netscape plug-ins folder as the installation folder before installing the MathView™ Internet plug-in.
  • Please check that the following information is in the preferences folder in your web browser. Your browser's preferences folder should contain information on all the plug-ins installed on your computer. After installing the MathView™ plug-in, your browser should automatically be configured with most of the information below. Just make sure that this information appears in the preferences folder exactly or almost exactly as it does below!
    • Mime type: plugin/x-theorist
    • suffix: .thp
    • plug-in: MathView Internet™
    • file type: text
    • file creator: Th%912
  • If you want to put MathView notebooks up on the web, then you have to make sure that the MIME type plugin/x-theorist (with the suffix thp) is being served by your web server. Please see your system administrator for more information.

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