Graphs of 1 and 2-Variable Functions

This notebook was made so that a comparison could be made between Maple, Mathematica, and MathView™'s presentations of two graphs. None of the commands have been explained as the purpose of this notebook is simply to demonstrate Maple's graphic capabilities.

Graph of a 1-Variable Function

Let us call our function f. First we have to define f in Maple.

> f:=3*x^3 + 4*x^5 + 3*x^8 + 7*x^4;

[Maple Math]

The following are two plots of the same function with different domains for y. With the new y domain, a more informative plot is obtained, showing atleast two critical points.

> plot( f(x),x=-1..1, title="A Plot of A 1-Variable Function",titlefont=[HELVETICA,BOLD,18] , labels=["X", "Function(X)"] );

[Maple Plot]

> plot( f(x),x=-1..1, y=-(1/10)..(1/10), title="Another Plot of A 1-Variable Function",titlefont=[HELVETICA,BOLD,18] , labels=["X", "Function(X)"] );


[Maple Plot]

Graph of a 2-Variable Function

Maple also has excellent 3-Dimensional graphing capabilities. Let us now plot a 2-Variable surface in Maple. This is the same "sea shell" that appears in our Mathematica and MathView™ notebooks on graphs.

> with(plots):

> sphereplot( (4/3)^theta * sin(phi),

> theta=-1..2*Pi, phi=0..Pi);

[Maple Plot]

The plots on this page cannot be changed unless you download this web page(which you will then be able to change only if you have a copy of Maple V on your computer). Unlike MathView™ which cannot display several notebooks* at the same time, Maple can display as many notebooks in one html file as you wish.

*Where a notebook is a Maple document (containing many different Maple inputs/outputs).

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