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Steve Weimar, Bruce Levine, Cynthia Lanius, Gene Klotz, Lee Smith


Suzanne Alejandre, Annie Fetter, Cris Lawrence, Claire Mead


Tracey Perzan, Steve Risberg, Melissa Running, Jay Scott


Amir Tahvildaran, Richard Tchen, Jessica Zhu


Ann Renninger, Johann Sarmiento, Wes Shumar, Gerry Stahl, Alan Zemel

Staff Responsibilities:

Please send general comments to the Math Forum staff via our Suggestion Box.
Here are the kinds of concerns each of us typically handles:

Suzanne Alejandre
    Educational Resource & Service Developer
Erhan Berber
    Software Engineer
Annie Fetter
    Problem of the Week Administrator
Gene Klotz
    Founder & Research Advisor
Cynthia Lanius
    Associate Director
Cris Lawrence
    Software Engineer
Bruce Levine
    Director of Business Development
Claire Mead
    Project Manager
Tracey Perzan
    Administrative Assistant
Steve Risberg
    Project Manager
Melissa Running
    Resource Librarian
Jay Scott
    Software Engineer
Lee Smith
    Project Manager; Digital Library projects
Amir Tahvildaran
    Junior Software Engineer
Richard Tchen
    Webmaster; Project Manager
Ian Underwood
    Ask Dr. Math Project Manager
Steve Weimar
    Director of the Math Forum
Jessica Zhu
    System and Database Administrator

Research and Evaluation

K. Ann Renninger
    Professor of Educational Studies
     Swarthmore College

Johann Sarmiento
    Research Assistant
     The Math Forum @ Drexel

Wes Shumar
    Professor of Anthropology
     Drexel University

Gerry Stahl
    Professor of Information Science & Technology
     Drexel University

Alan Zemel
     The Math Forum @ Drexel

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