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    The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library includes Internet-based projects such as Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges and Question-and-Answer Services:

    Ask Dr. Math - Math Forum
    Have a math question? Dr. Math is always on duty and ready to lend a hand.

    Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week - Math Forum
    Challenging and fun problems for students working on problems in numbers, operations, and measurement, as well as introductory geometry, data, and probability.

    Elementary Problem of the Week - Math Forum
    Challenging and fun problems from 1995 to 2002 for elementary students.

    Aunty Math - DuPage Children's Museum
    An every-other-week math challenge for grades K-3 from "Aunty Math," each presented in the form of a story taken from the life of Aunty Math, her two nephews, and her niece. Students with questions can e-mail Aunty Math directly, and a Tips for the Current Challenge page provides suggestions for modifying or extending each problem. Students may also submit solutions and read what others have written from Aunty Math's Solutions page, and there are recommended problem-solving strategies on the kids' "Find out about the challenge" page.

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