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Say you're planning to take the SAT soon and you want to find out how to prepare for it. Enter the keywords SAT prep in the search field and then press the "Search" button. Here's a sample of what you'll get back:

  1. Math Shortcuts to the SAT - Achievement Publishing, Inc.
    A 100-page book with 34 specific math shortcuts and strategies for the College Entrance Exam (SAT) that supplement math preparation materials. Sample problems are on the Web. ...more>>

  2. SAT Skill Math Lessons - WebWare(tm)
    Skill lessons to help you review the math and verbal skills tested on the SAT test. ...more>>

  3. TESTPREP.COM(tm) - WebWare(tm)
    A free online WebWare SAT test preparation course hosted by Stanford Testing Systems, Inc., with thousands of math and verbal lessons and over 700 practice problems. SAT study guide software disks are also available at low cost for homes and schools. ...more>>

If you don't at first see the word "SAT" in a return, press the "more" link to read the full description of the item.

This searcher looks through only those items classified by the Math Forum as high-school-level Web resources. If you're looking for math resources at other levels, try the Forum's full-site search or the Internet Mathematics Library's power search.

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