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If you're looking for practice problems involving percentages, enter the keyword percent in the search field and then press the "Search" button.

You'll see that we have a category "Fractions/Decimals/Percents." You will also get back all the entries in our Math Library that have anything to do with percents and percentages at the middle school level, like these:

  1. 100 Percent! - Energy Conservation Enhancement Project
    What is Infiltration? Math objectives: 1. Define the term "percent." 2. Solve problems using percentages. Energy objectives: 1. Define infiltration. 2. Describe the major areas of infiltration in the home. An activity guide from the Energy Conservati ...more>>

  2. Circle Graph - What Percent? - NASA Lewis Learning Technologies Project
    This circle graph shows how Jimmy spent his time during the last 24 hours. What percent of time did he spend watching te ...more>>

  3. Earning 5.5 Percent Interest - NASA Lewis Learning Technologies Project
    Mareta put $4,000.00 in a savings account at an annual interest rate of 5.5%. How much interest will the principal earn ...more>>

If you don't at first see the word "percent" in a return, press the "more" link to read the full description of the item.

This searcher looks through only those items classified by the Math Forum as middle-school-level Web resources. If you're looking for math resources at other levels, try the Forum's full-site search or the Internet Mathematics Library's power search.

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