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    The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library contains a Software category, with archives and download sites, instructional packages and games, and interactive Web sites with and without Java applets.

    The Forum's Math Tools community digital library supports the use and development of software for mathematics education. Find software tools, lesson plans, stories, activities, Problems of the Week -- as well as ratings, reviews, and discussions about those technology resources -- at Math Tools.

    CNET Download.com - for Mac and PC
    Search this site to find a particular piece of software, or browse their mathematics listings.

    The Kid's Domain (KD) - Cynthia A. Sorrels, Managing Editor
    Resources for family use: contests, online games, icons, holidays, and downloads for kids, a magazine, software downloads, games, crafts, and activities for grownups, and over 600 reviews of software and websites (KD Review). See Great PC & Mac Downloads.

    Math Software (StudyWeb) - The Lightspan Partnership, Inc.
    An annotated list of software for K12 math students.

    Math Mysteries (Grades 4-7) - Tom Snyder Software
    Students interact with characters to unravel mysteries, answering word problems along the way. The Math Mysteries series includes units on Fractions, Measurement, and Whole Numbers. See also Math Mysteries Online.

    Shapari (Windows 95/98/NT) - Spelunk Computing
    Software that emphasizes abstract thinking, creativity, and open-ended exploration for ages 4 and up, designed to allow children to produce intriguing abstract and fractal patterns from simple shapes and operations.

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