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Here at the Math Forum, we know that a lot of students are doing some pretty exciting mathematics out there. We'd like to know about it - and give you a chance to share it with the rest of the world!

Have you or your students worked on any really exciting projects lately? Any pictures or reports that you think would look good on the World Wide Web? Let us know.

CMC Mathematics Festival - August 2005
What does math look like when it takes over a whole school? The California Mathematics Council (CMC) has a slide show illustrating full school involvement in mathematics at their Festival Programs in elementary schools throughout California.
Stewartsville Middle School Tessellation Quilt - August 2004
In November, 2003, one of Jennifer Smith's classes, constructed a tessellation quilt, 5'x 6' that hangs in their school. It is made up of 24 different tessellation designs sewn together to form a quilt.
Student Tessellations, Memorial Middle School - April 2004
All seventh graders in Ms. Vargas's class were taken to the computer room once a week for a total of five weeks to create a tessellation in the shape of an animal, an object, or a person. Once their tessellation was completed students were instructed to write a poem about their tessellation in Ms. Loeffler's class.
Student Tessellations, Saint Joseph School - April 2002
Tessellations made by students in Mrs. Nestlerode's sixth grade class.
Geometry Independent Projects - May, 2000
Students in Ruth Carver's Spring Geometry Honors classes at Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania have done independent projects in which they have explored topics in mathematics that were not part of the curriculum. They have used books, magazines, and the Internet for their research and made class presentations that involved hands-on activities. Some of their work, from multicultural math games and ancient number systems to the making of violins and violas and Sketchpad animations, is available here on the Web.
Student Tessellations, Frisbie Middle School - March 1999
Tessellations made by students in Suzanne Alejandre's Computer Elective class at Frisbie Middle School. The students wrote poems to accompany their tessellations.
Kenston Geometry Students Create Tessellations - February 1999
Over 200 geometry students at Kenston High School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio participated in a school tessellation project; 21 of them were chosen for posting on the Web. The top four tessellations were created by students of Ms. Carino, Mr. Continenza, Mr. Appelbaum, and Mr. Gozdanovic.
Student Tessellations - April 1998
Mrs. Cathi Sanders' geometry students at Punahou High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, have constructed tessellations using the Geometer's Sketchpad. See and read about these beautiful graphics in the students' own words; then learn how to make them from Cathi's Sketchpad Tessellation Tutorial.
Student Tessellations - May 1997
Matt Kuntz's P.A.L. (Program for Accelerated Learning) 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at LaGrange Highlands Elementary School, LaGrange, Illinois have joined students of Suzanne Alejandre at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, California and Maureen Grant at Northview Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana; Ann Bergen's 10th graders at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory, Hollywood, Florida; Betsy Bruns' 5th grade class at Hoffman School in Glenview, Illinois; and Connie Mark's 2nd and 5th graders at Waiau Elementary School in Pearl City, Hawaii in using Suzanne's tutorials and templates to make their own tessellations.
Mayan Arithmetic - January 1997
A discussion of the importance of the Mayan symbol for zero and a tutorial on adding Mayan numbers by Steven Fought, written when he was a junior at Strath Haven High School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania.
Fractals and Tessellations - November 1996
Eleven students from Dave Bradley's 9th grade geometry class at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School in Salt Lake City, Utah create a gallery of geometric images.
World's Largest Icosahedron - November 1996
The amazing saga of how 7 students in Lexington, Massachusetts went about building a 15-foot tall icosahedron.

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