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Wednesday, July 12, 1995

Today we'd like to emphasize where online participants can contribute and become an integral part of the projects that we're working on.

Using your web browser, you can find all that I'm about to say and a heck of a lot more by checking out

Project One

Our first project is called "Organizing Math Resources by Topic and Grade Level." This project has a template page on the Web where the work in progress will be located as progress is made.

As of now, the following topics are being worked on:

  • Probability/Statistics -- Paul Myers

  • Calculus -- Mike Diamond

  • Trigonometry/Applications -- Steve Means

  • Algebra -- Ruth Carver and Margaret Sinclair

  • Hypercard & Tessellations - an example of what teachers can contribute -- Suzanne Alejandre

  • Geometry -- Anne Sandler

  • Interactive Projects and Contests -- Matt Gehrett

  • Math & Perspective -- Jan Garner, on-line participant

Please send in suggestions for additional categories. You can also e-mail suggestions to any of the participants. The Web pages all contain direct links to e-mail responses, but I'll also provide addresses at the end of this post. What we really need are people to volunteer to be what we're calling "mentors." Ideally, each topic will have as one of its subdivisions a list of "experts" in the field, or part of the field. So, for example, if you are particularly learned in the Quadratic Formula, you can volunteer to have your e-mail address put on a list within Algebra. Then, if a new teacher or a student needs to learn more about the Quadratic Formula, he or she might contact you.

We are also trying to be sensitive to the fact that people would not want to be overwhelmed with mail, and your input on this subject is more than welcome.

Project Two

The second project is "Interactive Projects and Contests for Students." Work on this project will include two main activities. The first is to gather and organize all the student projects and contests that currently exist on the Web. The second part is to write a form with which teachers can create new projects of their own.

There is a page already up on the Web that has begun to provide links to existing contests. It's called The Geometry Forum's Interactive Project and Contest Page:
It is now linked to the new project form, called "The Quick and Dirty Project Maker."

The person here who is leading this project is Matt Gehrett. Matt would love to have help from those of you who are following online. One way in which you can help is to send Matt the URLs of any student projects or contests that you know about or can find. To get an idea of what type of URL's we're interested in, as well as to see the links Matt has already established links to, take a look at The Geometry Forum's Interactive Project and Contest Page.

What would be of tremendous help would be to contribute to the Quick and Dirty Project Maker. Exactly what type of projects would you like to do? What kind of options would you like to see on a form that created new projects?

You can mail to Matt at

Project Three

The third project is "Internet Honors for Students and Internet Merit Badges." The idea is to provide incentives for students and teachers to become more active in using the Internet. Margaret Sinclair and Ruth Carver have been busy on Project One so far, but would like to get this rolling, with your help. Send them input!

Project Four

Matt Gehrett is also involved in what we've called "Guest Speakers, Subject Experts & Facilitated Special Topics." He has put out his own posting about this project on this and other newsgroups.

E-mail Addresses

Here are all our e-mail addresses (again), or write to
  1. - Suzanne Alejandre

  2. - Ruth Carver

  3. - Mike Diamond

  4. - Matt Gehrett

  5. - Steve Means

  6. - Paul Myers

  7. - Anne Sandler

  8. - Margaret Sinclair

  9. Jan Garner (online participant)

Eric Sasson
Geometry Forum

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