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Day Three - Project Discussions
Tuesday, July 11, 1995

In a late afternoon meeting we discussed project ideas for the week. We came away with four main ideas and a few other pursuits, all of which still need to be developed further. Participants will begin to form groups this evening and into tomorrow, until we form a clear idea of exactly what we want to achieve and how we want to go about it. Here is what was laid out at the meeting:

  1. Organize Internet resources by topic and level.

    Anne, along with Mike, Suzanne, Margaret, Ruth and Paul, wants to create a clear model for how The Geometry Forum and others might better present their resources. Ideally, a teacher or student will be able to come to the computer and immediately focus in on his or her desired subject. He or she could find everything from lesson plans, to past discussions, to Sketchpad documents to software all in one place. In conjunction with this project, Matt would like to see an improved collection of 3-D based stuff, including geometrical tools and virtual reality sites.

  2. Internet Merit Badges

    Margaret and Anne hope to develop a system of recognition for teachers and students who contribute to the Internet.

  3. Guest Speakers/Mentors/CU See Me Forum/Applications to math

    Despite the confusing title I've just given it, this project actually seems to have good direction already. Growing from a desire to have applications as a topic in the first project (#1), this idea now involves establishing a database of speakers who would be available to give input on various areas of applied mathematics. What's more, technology such as CU See Me (sort of video conferencing on the Internet) can be used for these guest speakers as well as to further enhance instances of linked classes, students and teachers.

  4. Interactive Contests and Projects Matt, Ruth and Anne are interested in creating more sites on the internet that are fun and exciting for students. They want to work on both incentive based contests as well as highly interactive projects on the Net.

Mike, a PC user, would like to help Steve Weimar with expanding the Forum's archive of PC Internet software. And Margaret wants to help people to easily find references for Internet use.

That's about it for now.

Eric Sasson
Geometry Forum

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