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Jan Garner

During the workshop, I'd like to learn how we are currently using the Internet for secondary math and what other ideas might be feasible. I'd like to see what you are thinking and bounce some ideas I have off of you. I've seen some of the great resources at the Geometry Forum: Problem of the Week, Project of the Month (educators posing problems for students); Ask Dr Math (experts answering student questions). Would a site for student posed/student answered challenges be feasible? Perhaps this would fit in with the math chat room that Margret is suggesting. In fact a chat room could even carry the idea further, students could share ideas and information on larger projects (statistics comes to mind). I like the other suggestions Margaret made as well. Also, how about web pages that discuss applications of mathematics and then have links to web sites that address the application fields?

Remote participation: I assume we could simply throw in our two cents worth through e-mail.

Background: I retired from the Navy last summer. I started my Navy career teaching precalculus to enlisted personnel and later switched to meteorology (typhoon forecasting, climatology R&D, and too much admin). Now, I'm pursuing secondary math certification at SUNY Potsdam (student teach this fall).

Much of my use of math has leaned toward physical science applications and most of the geometry I've done has been in a cartesian coordinate system. When I start teaching, I hope to bring in the connections of math to real world applications, but I'm also enjoying getting back into a more academic "math is a toy as well as a tool". My computer background has included recreational programming (Basic, Visual Basic, Hypercard) and some professional work, such as a model output statistics (translate that linear regression analysis) typhoon forecast aid. I've also been playing with spreadsheets to apply them to secondary level math problems. I have access to the Internet through SUNY Potsdam.

- Jan Garner

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