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Matt Gehrett


My name is Matt Gehrett and I am from Bakersfield, California. I teach Geometry, General Math and Internet classes at Ridgeview High School. I am newly married (just a year) and have a dog (a dachshund).

But enough about me, I want to talk about the workshop. I am really looking forward to this coming week and I am very impressed at all the terrific ideas already flowing on the internet. I have tried a couple of activities with my classes, but I am rather new at all of this. My general level math classes have used newsgroups to do a survey which they then analyzed, found the measures of central tendency, and displayed their results in charts and graphs. My geometry students have used the internet to answer the Geometry Forum's Problem of the Week. My internet students have used the internet to do research and then make electronic slideshows using Microsoft Powerpoint. But that is about it. My high school just opened last year so we have a little catch up to do. This summer we are working on our own web site (actually only me) and hopefully we will have it working by the time school starts.

As I said earlier, I love the ideas I have read about, especially the chat room. I have some other ideas though. I would like to start a problem of the week contest for elementary kids that would be run by my high school students. They would write the problems and respond to the kids answers through email. Each week a new group of my students would be in charge and would post their problem on my high school's home page.

Another thing I would like to investigate is the 3-D possibilities on the web. The hardest concepts for me to teach are the 3-D concepts because I am a lousy artist. I know Silicon Graphics has a program called Webspace that allows you to create 3-D objects which you can cruise inside of. I do not think it is available for Mac's or PC's yet, but I am sure they or somebody else is working on it. I would like my student's to be able to study famous architecture and analyze the geometric principles behind these places through the use of virtual reality.

Anyway, these are a couple of my ideas. I gotta go. The workshop has begun !!


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