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July 9-15, 1995 - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Sunday, July 9 through Saturday, July 15 we held an "advanced" workshop at Swarthmore College for a group of eight teachers from all around the continent.

We also had had a group of people who served as "online participants," reading and responding to the group's posts and taking part in smaller group discussions. You can see the names of a couple of them on our participants' introductions page.

Our work has resulted in lots of exciting products which are now available here on the Web.

You're also invited to browse:

For more information concerning the Geometry Forum's workshops (i.e. when we're having one, daily summaries of a workshop currently going on, etc.) look at the newsgroup geometry.institutes. If you don't currently read or aren't subscribed to geometry.institutes, you can subscribe to it as a mailing list. Just send a message to that reads subscribe geometry-institutes.

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