Introduction to Math and Spreadsheets


These lessons will assume you are using the ClarisWorks(R) spreadsheet for Macintosh. Most of the examples can be done with other spreadsheet software as well.

To view the examples in these lessons, you should set your Web browser to use ClarisWorks as a helper application.


A spreadsheet is a very powerful computerized ledger. Today, most spreadsheets can also make graphs of their data.

If you use your math, there's all sorts of things you can do with a spreadsheet.

Graph a spiral...

or a few parabolas.

Build a scale model of the Great Pyramid...

or find the biggest box you can make from a sheet of cardboard.

Oh, and you can plan the budget for a picnic, too.

Find it on the Web

An excellent listing of references and links can be found at the Spreadsheets in Education page at the University of Vienna.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has lesson plans for spreadsheets.

Planetary data in the examples, "How much would I weigh on Mars?" and "Scale Solar System Model" is from Bill Arnett's web site, The Nine Planets, where you will find loads of data, information, and pictures.

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