Interactive Projects and Contests for Students

Work on this project will include two main activities. The first is to gather and organize all the student projects and contests that currently exist on the Web. The second part is to write a form with which teachers can create new projects of their own.

There is a page already in the works that has begun to provide links to existing contests and will shortly link to the new project form, called The Quick and Dirty Project Maker.

The Geometry Forum's Interactive Project and Contest Page

The person here who is leading this project is Matt Gehrett. Matt would love to have help from those of you who are following online. One way in which you can help is to send Matt the URL's of any student projects or contests that you know about or can find. To get an idea of what type of URL's we're interested in, as well as to see which he has already established links to, take a look at The Geometry Forum's Interactive Project and Contest Page.

What would be of tremendous help would be to contribute to

The Quick and Dirty Project Maker.

Exactly what type of projects would you like to do? What kind of options would you like to see on a form that created new projects?

You can mail to Matt by selecting his name below.

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12 July 1995
Eric Sasson