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Steve Means


I am a high school math teacher from the Puget Sound area. Although I started off this teaching career in Germanic Languages and Literature, Art History and Central European Culture, the late Seventies brought changes into Mathematics and Computers. I also work as a district coordinator on what we call the Instructional Technology Task Force. This ITTF has obtained levy funding to purchase computers, software and teacher training (over $26,000,000). We, the teachers, manage this group and the distribution and uses of these computers.

My current projects include developing Interrelated Learning environments, developing teaching strategies under the guidance of NCTM standards and our own Sammamish High School Schools for the Twentieth Century project, and working towards Interconnected Learning with groups like the Geometry Forum.

I am the lead for our Internet Team, which has created a fairly extensive Web site. My students work in a contract course called Computer Systems Management. Our site supports curriculum in the high school and provides W3 access to our student newspaper (Totem Talk) and our literary magazine (Chaos) as well as clips from our music program and examples of student art in our art gallery. We welcome participation in this project. In fact our grads have cooperated in helping build and enhance our site.

My personal life includes a fascination for both city culture and nature. I live on a small lake high in the Cascades about 25 miles east of Seattle. I enjoy canoeing, wind surfing and walks along mountain paths. I love museums, especially art museums, so I commute to Boston and the San Diego areas as often as possible ... but mostly to visit friends and family.

Steve Means

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