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Michael S. Diamond, Summerville, SC

Mike Diamond's Home Page.


My homepage is currently under construction.

Comments and criticisms are and will be tolerably accepted. Thanks....

"I know I sometimes have a brain, but now I know I are one, Uncle Jed. I'm gradiated" --Jethro Bodine

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I'm the math and Computer Coordinator at Pinewood Preparatory School in Summerville, SC, near Charleston, South Carolina.

At this date I'm in Swarthmore, PA, atThe Geometry Forum. I'm here working with some very gifted teachers. This is the institute work my group did last year on Authenic Assessment. I'm working on a page link for the new Math Forum for Calculus.

In the meanwhile you can check out my local Internet Access Provider: A World of Difference. Or you could check my personal favorites page of many sites.

I'll work on this page as I can. I'm way behind Annie and Jennifer Jessup.

Some of my favorite "teacher" places to search for things: The Geometry Forum's math sites
Geometer's Skectchpad Gallery by author Nick Jackiw at Key Curriculum Press, Inc.

Using internet in the classroom from SMU. or use the SMU Gopher "Falken's Cyberspace Tools and Updates. Provides a common link to applications and tools available for accessing the Internet. There's also the Texas Center for Educational Technology

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Mike Diamond

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Mike Diamond
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Updated: 12 June 1995