These pages are the product of a week-long workshop that took place at Swarthmore College in the summer of 1995. They represent an early step in the process of transforming the Geometry Forum into the Math Forum, however the materials here are no longer current. More up-to-date and extensive collections of math resources can be located via the Math Forum Home Page.


Look here for lesson plans and ideas for teaching algebra from beginning skills to functions to matrices and linear systems.


Search for software available on the internet and learn from other teachers' experiences using software with math classes.


Are your students interested in applications of math to art, music, physics, architecture, or other areas? Search here for great ideas!


Investigate possible careers involving mathematics. Learn how teachers foster career planning in their classes.


Learn about the history of Algebra and delve into the lives of the men and women around the world who have contributed to its development.


Find help on topics. Look for available information on products, texts and manipulatives.

This page is part of the Geometry Forum's project: Organizing Internet Resources for Math Teachers By Math Topic and Grade Level.
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