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Anne Sandler

Dear All,

I am Anne Sandler, a geometry and algebra teacher at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora,Colorado. We are a large suburban school just outside of Denver. I live 15 minutes away from school (this is how we guage distance here, although great increases in traffic may change that), with husband, daughter and dog, also in the "burbs". Our students and staff have easy access to the net. We are fortunate to have much support for technology throughout the district.

My goals for the week are to do as much brainstorming as possible and to come away with ideas that can be used to excite and motivate the students in my classes I really like the idea of setting up chats so that students can be very interactive in their use of the net and its resources, also long term projects with students from other schools as some of you have mentioned. I would like to develop a format/module for using the internet and technology for research projects. Some of our students have written "web" papers , this is very exciting.

Some of my students have worked on the Mathmagic problems, I'd like to continue and expand these types of activities. They are great.

In working with other students and teachers I feel that what we do produce needs to be in a format that is easy to use and understand. Many teachers would like to work with more advanced topics such as chaos, fractals, topology, non-euclidean geometry. I would like to understand more about these areas myself and develop on-line activities and resources that could be easily used by others.

As far as interacting with our on-line participants, it would be great to have them try out the activities and ideas we come up with and edit - critique these activities etc....

As Ruth stated re: Dr. Shimamoto-anything I can take back to the classroom would be wonderul. I would like to take advanced topics and translate them into format and activities that would give students and teachers incentive to investigate further. Also lots of applications of geometry related topics in nature, art, music, architecture, science, games. I'm thinking of topics such as: exploring soap bubbles, the golden rectangle, transformational geometry, tesselations and other fun topics!

Looking forward to an inspiring week-

Anne Sandler --

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