Internet Honors for Students

Right now, it is too big an undertaking to do EVERYTHING that might be done with this project:

So, we're hoping to leave the majority of this work to individual schools and teachers, who are in a better position to do so anyway since they know their own students. What we would like to do is to begin suggesting an outline for appropriate stages at which students might earn a new award. These would vary quite a bit with age. Students at each level (elementary, middle, and high school maybe) would be able to work their way up a ladder that looked something like Internet User -> Advanced User -> Expert -> Webmaster.

What we, at the Geometry Forum, could do is

Please help us by sending suggestions aboout what a student of a certain age should have to do before being recognized for Internet Honors. Mail to

  • Margaret Sinclair

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    13 July 1995
    Eric Sasson