Newspaper Review Unit

Grade Level

This unit is suitable for grades 7-11. I used it with a group of grade 10 basic students. These are students who have trouble with math and require extra attention on reading and basic facts.


Materials Needed

Unit plan

We spent a week working on the set of questions I devised. Some involved only looking up the answer, while others required them to use mathematical skills they had learned.

Here are some examples:

Evaluation and Assessment

The students worked at the questions in pairs each day and were expected to hand in the completed assignment of 50 questions by the end of the week. Most found it very challenging since they have trouble reading for information, but they were enthusiastic and on task throughout.

I graded this as a project worth 25 marks out of a term total of 300 marks. They were marked as follows:10-class work (on task, working well with partner, trying before asking for help), 5-completion of questions, 5-correct answers, 5-presentation.

General Comments

It was very strange to be in a classroom with 20 students reading the paper for a week, but it provided many opportunities for discussion. We certainly learned a lot about Skydome but also about newsprint, lights, artificial turf, hot dogs....and of course Math!

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Margaret Sinclair
18 July 1995