Color Tessellation HyperStudio Tips

HyperStudio is a program that is good to use with students because it is so open-ended. With a few preliminary reminders, it will be quite easy to complete the directions given on the HyperStudio & Tessellation pages.

If you are already familiar with HyperCard, you may wish to go on without reading further.

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The following directions are not intended to be a complete guide for HyperStudio, but reminders to use with a class where the primary objective is to use the tools of HyperStudio to tessellate in color.

Step-by-step directions to a class.
How to open a new stack.
Why can't I draw? Where are the paint tools?
Brief review of tools.
How to draw a square.
How to use the lasso.
How to make a new card.
How to print.

Step-by-step directions to a class.

1. Open HyperStudio.
2. Make a new stack. Name it "tess".
3. Drag the toolbox down so that it is accessible (on the card).
4. Double click on the rectangle tool [which will select draw filled].
5. Holding the shift key with one hand, draw a square [fill it with your favorite color].
6. Select the lasso.
... the remainder of the directions are on the HyperStudio & Tessellations pages.

How to open a new stack.

After opening HyperStudio, go to "file", select "new stack".
To save the stack, go to "file" and select "save as".
A window will appear. Type an appropriate name - for example, "Tess".
Press return.
You have made a new stack which contains one card.

Why can't I draw? Where are the paint tools?

Check the version of HyperStudio that you have!
If your software is labeled "HyperStudio Player" you have a limited version of HyperStudio. You will need to purchase a full version in order to have use of the tools.

Brief review of tools.

Tools in the first column

1. Marching ants (for copy/paste)
2. Paint brush
3. Spray paint
4. Paint bucket (to fill a shape with color or pattern)
5. Font tool (to paint text on the card)

Tools in the second column

6. Lasso (for copy/paste)
7. Eraser
8. Rectangle Tool
9. Oval Tool
10. Fat Bits (to enlarge the view)

Tools in the third column

11. Pencil
12. Line tool
13. Rounded rectangle tool
14. Curving line tool
15. Continuous line tool
Hint: When you use the tools, click on the word "Tools" in the menubar, and drag the toolbox down onto the screen. The toolbox should be visible without having to go to the menubar each time.

How to draw a square.
- select the rectangle tool
- hold the "shift " key and draw
- you will notice that with the shift key pressed you cannot make a rectangle, only a square.

How to use the lasso.
- select the lasso tool.
- move the mouse so that the lasso is positioned at the beginning of what you would like to move
- click and with the mouse pressed down, move through the area of selection.
- once you have completed the loop, release. [be careful not to click!]
- the area selected will be blinking

How to make a new card.
- go to "Edit" in the menubar.
- select "new card" and release.
- to go easily between different cards in a stack, while holding down the "command key", press < or > on the keyboard.

How to print.
- select the browse tool [VERY important]
- go to "File" in the menubar.
- select "print card" if you would just like to print the one card.
- select "print stack" if you would like to print all of the cards in the stack.

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