Using LogoWriter to Tessellate, Part 2

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There are many possible procedures which can be written using squares, triangles, and hexagons to tessellate in the plane. Students can see an idea of how to write several procedures to create a tessellation.

Objectives: [NCTM Standards Grades 6-8: Geometry, Communication, Reasoning and Proof]

1. To use the software, LogoWriter, to tessellate in the plane.
2. To follow a procedure which results in a tessellaton which can be used as a starting point for students to create their own original procedure for a tessellation.


1. Computer
2. LogoWriter software

Writing the Procedures:

1. Instruct the students to make a new page.
2. Instruct the students to type the following procedures in the "flipside":

to hexagon :side
repeat 6[fd :side rt 60]

to chain
pu bk 90
repeat 5[pd hexagon 20 pu fd 40]

to tessellate
pu lt 90 fd 140 rt 90 pd
repeat 8[chain pu rt 90 fd 35 lt 90 bk 110 pd]

3. Challenge the students to write their own procedures.
Use different polygons.
Use changes of pen color.
Use the fill command to add color.

There are many procedures which could be written to create tessellations.
Please send me your favorites!

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