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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996
From: Mary O'Haver

Hello Suzanne,

I found your page a while back and sent a message about how neat it is. I gave a presentation recently to a group of Maryland teachers intersted in the use of WWW. Your site was one of the sites I pointed people towards. I just love the way you give examples on how to create tesselations using various tools. I am a heavy user of Hypercard since it is free for viewing and very inexpensive for the deveoper's version. My husband maintains a page that has various components. One of them is a list of sites, with a short paragraph stating what is at the site, for science and math. One of the sections is called New and Notable. When we found your site we added it as a link for interesting sites to visit. You can find it at


Then go to Internet Resources for Science and Math Then go to New and Notable

You should find your site there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and resources. Our aim is the have students become producers, not just consumers of educational resources.

Mary O'Haver
Teacher at Fairland Elementary School
Silver Spring, MD

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