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Suzanne Alejandre

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It is possible to use HyperCard to create tessellations from figures generated by rotations, connect them, and then translate them.

Although I use HyperCard I believe it would be possible to adapt this procedure to any application that has paint tools.

Figure 1 (squiggle)

Step One

Using the pencil tool, the paint brush tool, or another favorite drawing tool, draw a squiggle. It helps if one end looks different from the other.


Step Two

Use the lasso to select the squiggle. As the squiggle is blinking hold the option key, and slide and drag to make a copy of the squiggle. With the second squiggle selected (and blinking), go to "paint" in the menu and select "rotate right": the squiggle will rotate 90 degrees to the right.


Step Three

Select the second (rotated) squiggle and again,
holding the option key, drag from it to make
a third squiggle.

Go to "paint" in the menu and select
"rotate right": the squiggle will rotate
another 90 degrees to the right.

This is a 180 degree rotation from the first squiggle.


Step Four

Repeat the process one more time. Draw in a point as a reference for rotation. Position each squiggle so that they all connect at the reference point.


Step Five

Now you should have 4 squiggles. Each squiggle has been rotated 90 degrees to the right of the other.


Step Six

Now it is time to put them together to create a tessellation. Use the lasso, select the design, hold the "option" key and the "shift" key, drag to the left. After making one line, select all of the designs and while holding "option" and "shift" drag them down and carefully position them underneath.


Tessellation with Rotations

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