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The Math Forum went through an ambitious hardware and software upgrade that will ultimately make our infrastructure and services more reliable and easier to maintain.

We are introducing many changes that will affect the way you access our systems. Our server (mailserver, login server, ftp server, etc.) names and addresses will change. As a result, you will need to update your programs to continue send and receive mail, upload or download files to/from Math Forum servers, etc.

Your current password is no longer valid. See below to change your password.

Your old password is no longer valid. Contact David Tristano via phone at (215) 895-1080, then hit 1, followed by 80960, and finally # sign.

If you are using desktop clients such as Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, or others you will need to update your configuration/preferences to reflect the changes (new server names):
SMTP server:
POP or IMAP server:

Your email address. The primary domain name we use now is; you should let your correspondents know to contact you at
In your email client, you should set your email address, as well as your return address to

Reading email. You must also provide us with an IP address or a range of IP addresses that you normally use. Email access is restricted by default, and we need to explicitly allow access from your IP address(es) to enable you to retrieve your Math Forum email.

Sending email. Also remember that if you are outside the office, you will not be able to send email via the Math Forum. This restriction was in effect for the old servers, and will continue to be enforced. This is done to prevent spam email to be relayed via our servers.

We no longer provide telnet service. If you require terminal (shell) assess, you would need to use an SSH client or program.

Access. As with email access, you must provide us with an IP address or range of addresses that you regularly use.

Software. You have two options. If you are using a PC running Windows, or Linux (this does not currently work with any brower on the Macintosh), you can use an SSH java applet client that is available on our website at Wait for the applet to load, answer Grant/Yes/OK to multiple dialog boxes, and follow the prompt to log in to
Alternatively, you can download one of several freely available SSH clients, such as MacSSH or NiftyTelnet SSH for the Mac, or PuTTY if you are using Windows.

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