Joshua Zucker

Joshua Zucker is the founding director of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals, which bring deep, collaborative problem solving to a wide range of students. He discovered his love for number theory at Dr. Arnold Ross's summer program at Ohio State University a bit over 20 years ago. Joshua has been invited to the US Math Olympiad Summer Program, a member of the first US Physics Olympiad team, and a top-10 scorer on the Putnam. He holds a BS in physics and an MS in mathematics from Stanford, as well as an MS in astrophysics from UC Berkeley. He has taught at Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), community colleges, and public and private high schools, before becoming a freelance math teacher.

In 2006, he helped begin the Math Teachers' Circle project at the American Institute of Mathematics. Joshua's work with math circles began in 1998 and he's now working with at least half a dozen different ones around the Bay Area (and occasionally as a guest farther afield). The proud father of three children, Joshua, in what spare time remains, enjoys Nikoli-style puzzles, cooking, juggling, bicycling, and playing Go.

Besides volunteering as a Teacher2Teacher Associate, Joshua enjoys working as Doctor Schwa for the Ask Dr. Math service where he practices giving as little help as possible so that students have the satisfaction of solving problems for themselves. "Be Less Helpful" is his motto these days!

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