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  1. Use of the StudyWorks math/science program in middle/high school
    Use of StudyWorks / other mathematical software as supplement to math/science curriculum
    - Date of thread's last activity: 19 April 1999

  2. Graduate course in math
    I need a 400 level math class to complete my masters in secondary education.
    - Date of thread's last activity: 4 December 2007

  3. Math Praxis Test Study Guide
    The administrators of the Teacher2Teacher service have recently learned that this conversation potentially infringed upon the copyright of ETS, which administers the Praxis exam. Our understanding of ETS's policy is that any posting of material very similar to questions on the test is considered copyright infringement. In particular, memorizing and publicly sharing test items, whether done innocently or on purpose, is considered copyright infringement. Discussion of general content (e.g., general geometry principles or "make sure you remember the Pythagorean theorem ...") does not constitute infringement. We also understand that ETS takes this very seriously, since the sharing of test items intended for use on later tests could impact the value of those tests. In light of this potential infringement, the T2T administrators have removed all posts that explicitly discussed material from Praxis exams, and posts that referred to such posts. At the author's request, we've also removed posts that referenced, by name, a discussant who raised our attention to the potential infringement. To obtain permission to reproduce content authored by ETS, please complete the relevant licensing permission form by visiting, clicking on the link to "Legal" toward the bottom of their home page, then choosing from the left-hand navbar the appropriate "Related Links."
    - Date of thread's last activity: 10 April 2007

  4. Math program for writing out quantitative reasoning problems for math test
    Easy and inexpensive programs to create math tests.
    - Date of thread's last activity: 19 September 2006

  5. The use of history of mathematics within the classroom
    How can the history of mathematics be used within the classroom?
    - Date of thread's last activity: 5 January 2007

  6. Teaching exponential function
    How can I teach the exponential function?
    - Date of thread's last activity: 1 June 2008

  7. Math on the job
    Examples of mathematicians at work; the Rule of 72 in Financial Services.
    - Date of thread's last activity: 26 January 2016

  8. Preparing for math on the PPST
    Praxis: a Web source for PPST test material.
    - Date of thread's last activity: 30 November 2012

  9. Accounting skills taught via the computer
    Using spreadsheets to teach accounting skills
    - Date of thread's last activity: 20 November 2006

  10. U.S. college calculus textbook
    Looking for the most used college calculus textbooks in America.
    - Date of thread's last activity: 1 December 2007

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