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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Graphing Calculator Courses

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From: Loyd

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001071711:26:04
Subject: Re: Graphing Calculator Courses

I have been tutoring algebra I and II for several years after my retiremant. I bought a TI-82 and mastered it only to find out that the local school used a CASIO. I was also volunteer tutoring at the local high school so set about learning the CASIO graphing calculator. I made a few view graphs for my own use and decided to market these. I then found that the state was mostly using the TI-83 so I went to work and made vu-graphs for the TI-83. I sold a few, but the cost to make was a little high and I didn't sell too many. I then took the TI-83 charts and reduced them to fit on 4 by 6 index cards and then bound them with a plastic comb. Since then I have sold about 110 of these booklets and have not had any negative feedback on them but have had quite a few positive feedback's. If you are interested, email me at the above address. I also sell them on Ebay. Here is the contents of the cards: MINIATURE CHARTS FOR USE WITH Texas Instruments TI - 83 TABLE OF CONTENTS (***added in series II) 1. EQUATION SOLVER*** 2. SLOPE OF A LINEAR EQUATION 3. SPECIAL FACTORS AND PRODUCTS 4. PRODUCT OF COMPLEX IMAGINARY NUMBERS*** 5. GRAPH METHOD 6. PARABOLA, CONIC METHOD Part I 7. PARABOLA, CONIC METHOD Part II 8. PARABOLA - CHECK w/ T- 83 9. SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONS (CRAMERS RULE), Part I 10. SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONS (CRAMERS RULE) Part II 11. REPEATING DECIMAL TO FRACTION 12. SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONS (MATRIX INVERSE) 13. COMPUTING THE MATRIX INVERSE 14. BOX AND WHISKER PLOT 15 LINEAR EQUATION GIVEN A SET OF POINTS LINEAR REGRESSION) 16.FACTORING GENERAL TRINOMIALS, Part I 17. FACTORING GENERAL TRINOMIALS, PART II 18.EQUATION OF A PARABOLA GIVEN A SET OF THREE POINTS USING QUADRATIC REGRESSION 19.SYNTHETIC DIVISION With COMPLEX FACTORS***

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