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From: Kathy

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2005091822:16:46
Subject: Math Praxis II (0061) 9/17/05 questions - need help

Hey... as you can read from the postings on this site and the one
posted under the other strand (Q#540), people are pretty fed up about
this test.  Here in VA you need a 147 to pass and quite frankly I am
tired of all the time and money I have put into this so far.  I took
the test on Sept 17th and wanted to know if anyone recalls more of the
following questions.  You can email me directly or reply on this site.
Here are some questions that I remember that have not been previously
posted.  Anyone out there recall more info?

1)  Equation was:  % = |x-10,200|/x  and the maximum % was 5.  Anyone
recall the rest of the question or any of the answer choices?

2)  Termite infestation.  You were given the probability of neighbor X
having termites *can't recall the fraction given), and the Probability
of Y having termites (can't recall that fraction either).  The
probability of at least one having termites is P(0 or 1) = 4/5.  They
said if neighbor X has termites, what is the probability of neighbor Y
has termites too?

3)  Gave:   f(n) = 3f(n-1)+2f(n-2).   I think they said f(1) =1  and
another value, I think the question was what is f(4).

4)  Recall very little... Table given with values filled in on f(x),
g(x) and h(x).  In this table some of the values were not given and
replaced by a, b, and c.  Can't recall much after that.  

5)  Triangle ABC, AB = BC.  Angle A is bisected, giving you segment
AD, and BD=DC.  Angle C is bisected, giving you segment CE, and AE=EB.
Lines AD and EC intersect at point F and they wanted to know how the
student could prove congruency (I think).   One of the choices was AFE
congruent to CFD and there were 3 others.  Anyone recall any further

6)  A circle with center (0,0) given with radius 3.  Ellipse inside
the circle with x as the major axis and points (-3,0) given and (3,0)
and minor axis I think of (0,1) and (0,-1).  The question was such
that you needed to pick the answer in matrix form.  One of the choices

|  3     0   |
|  0     3   |      and 3 other choices.  

Feel free to reply to this post or if you prefer to email me, I will
piece what I can together and post.  

I did a career change and have been teaching middle school for 2 1/2
years.  I have 2 kids which I am supporting on my own and just need to
have a secure job and be over this dumb test.  I hope we can all ban
together here and help one another like others have done in previous


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