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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Addition and Subtaction with numbers 1-20

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From: Joan <whitefairy75@yahoo.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2005030315:18:28
Subject: Re: Addition and subtraction with numbers 1-20

Ilana Bar,

I do agree with the fact that 6 pages of homework is too much for a
girl of 6.5 years of age. 

Now before I begin to explain what I am about to, please note that I
am new into the syllabus followd in US and I am talking to you in
terms of a teacher teaching a first grader in India. By the time the
child is 6.5 years old, he/she will be in the end of her first grade
approx. So this is based on it.

I used to teach first graders in India and almost by this time of the
year, we start to teach them to use fingers!!!

That is till now they are used to draw bars near their sum work area
and add for addition and cut off for subtraction, and we start up with
finger addition by the first half of first grade. So there is nothing
to worry about the finger thing. 

Another thing is let her be .... give her fun with the card games and
be patient with children with so much of homework!!!

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