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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Addition and Subtaction with numbers 1-20

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From: Owen

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2007062914:35:33
Subject: Addition and Subtraction with numbers 1-20 without fingers

You said: "What is the best way to help my child understand and succeed on problems of addition and subtraction on numbers 1-20, without using fingers?? She is 6.5 years old." "I taught her to memorize up to 10 (ex: 6+3=9)and then to take numbers up to 10 For example:16-7=? : 7+3=10 and then there are 6 from 10 to 16, so 3+6=9 and so the answer is 9. Is this acceptable?" ------------------------------------------------- I think the best way to help children understand addition and subtraction without using fingers is a system called "DotMath for kids." DotMath has dice dots placed AROUND the number symbol (not on top) to help define what the symbols mean. The dots are then changed into calculator keys. All combinations for addition and subtraction are placed around the number symbol and linked with a line. The keys are on opposite sides of the number symbol and color coded(see tools tab on web site "DotMath for kids"). These are then compared to the digital number symbols from a calculator. I tell children that calculators are digital. That means calculators count on digits (or fingers). If you look at the calculator numbers The digital number four is made with 4 lines(digits), the five has 5 lines, the six has 6 lines, etc. This helps explain WHY we use these symbols for each number one to nine. When children learn how a calculator works on the inside many of them can beat the calcualtor in a race in both addition and subtraction. This visual map helps a child see how all the combinations of addition and subtraction are related. You can find the web site called "DotMath for kids" with any search bar. This help is free if you agree to the rules of the site and to obey the copyright law. Please read all the rules before you copy from the site.

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