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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Introduction to odd and even numbers

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From: Jackie 
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2000112115:19:20
Subject: Another suggestion

One activity I have done is to  read A Pair of Socks by Stuart J.
Murphy. Students create a pair of socks with a matching pattern and
then explore counting by twos by counting all the pairs of socks. I
introduced the concept of odd as the odd sock; the one that doesn't
have a mate. Then we played a game called Odds and Evens. They played
this game with a partner to reinforce even and odd and also practice
basic addition facts.  One partner is Even and one is Odd. They make a
fist and call out "1,2,3, Shoot!" Then each partner sticks out a
certain number of fingers.  They add their two numbers together and if
the sum is odd the person who is odd gets a point or vice versa.  We
also look daily at a pattern of odd and even number cubes built on our
calendar to correspond to the date.  For example, if today is the
first we put up one unifix cube.  On the second day we snap a second
cube to the first.  On the third day we put up another cube and add
the 2 + 1.  On the 4th day we snap the unifix cube together with day 3
and add 2+2 to get our date.  The kids soon get the idea that even
days always get the cubes snapped together and add successive twos odd
days have a leftover or odd one out so the number sentence always ends
in +1.

 -Jackie , for the T2T service

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