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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Multiplication table

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From: Mark <kram247@msn.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008072012:42:22
Subject: The Mad Minute Drill

	Although learning the concept of how multipliation and addition are
related can be extremely helpful, sometimes a student just needs some
motivation and a bit of teacher creativity to learn the times tables.
I have found by using a sheet of 100 basic mult. facts and telling the
students to do them in a specific order (left to right), and timing
them in one minute.  Improvement is shown rapidly over a short time. 
The catch is when you go to correct the examples, the student score is
based on the number of correct consecutive answers.  In other words,
even if the student does 35 examples in a minute; if the first 12 are
correct, but the 13th is wrong, then their score is 12.  The 13th
example must be recorded on a post-it, index card, or a small piece of
paper.  The student must learn only that one example before the next
Mad Minute Drill.  When the next drill takes place is up to you.  It
may take place at the end of the session or even the next day.  When
you repeat the drill, you use the same exact 100 example practice
sheet, and the student follows the same order for answering.  Remind
the student they are competing against themselves. Learning one
example a day is definitely a realisic goal.

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