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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Thousandth

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From: RayM <raypublk@san.rr.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 1999062423:31:15
Subject: thousandths of thousandths of .....

Maybe just as important is to impart a feel for what a thousandth is. 
for example a baby crawls at about one thousandth of the speed of a

Or the thickness a sheet of paper is about one thousandth of the
diameter of a softball.  Here's a comma delimited table (most
spreadsheets will parse this back to columns) of rough sizes of things
that can be used to talk about other multiples of ten as well.

exponent of 10,SI unit,something about that size,refs
-14,,atomic nucleus                ,gpn 146
-10,,distance between atoms,
-9,nanometer,diameter of DNA double strand,
-8,,cell membrane thickness,
-7,,large virus,
-6,micrometer,E. coli bacterium,
-5,,liver cell,
-4,,sheet of paper,
-3,millimeter,spark plug gap,
-2,,human iris,
0,,height of door knob,
1,,three story building,
2,,football field,
3,kilometer,highest waterfall (Angel Falls,Venezuela),
4,,deepest ocean,
5,,X-15 altitude record,
6,megameter,length of California,
7,,the earth,
8,,large sunspot,
9,gigameter,the sun,
11,,sun to Venus,
12,terameter,sun to Jupiter,
13,,sun to Pluto,
16,,one light year,
20,,QSO 3C273,ERSp167
21,zettameter,our galaxy (Milky way),C1, p55
22,,our cluster of galaxies,C1, p55
23,,radio galaxy 3C 326,grg
25,,our galaxy to galaxy chain VV17,2   C1,p62
26,,distance to oldest quasar (1989,/Cal Tech)
27,,known universe (radio telescope,range)
,ERS  _Extragalactic Radio Sources_, ed. Heeschen & Wade,,
,     p167, "The Radio Jet of 3C273", R.G. Conway,,
,gpn  God and the New Physics,,
,C1   Cosmology + 1,,
,grg  "Giant Radio Galaxies",  R. G. Strom et al., Scientific


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