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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Thousandth

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From: Tim

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 1999073016:47:38
Subject: How to introduce "thousandth"

What I have done for all decimal numbers is use grains of rice. Here is how it would work for dealing with thousandths. I break my students up into 10 groups and pass out some rice to each group. I then have each group count out 100 grains and put the rest back into the cup I passed out. I go ahead and collect the 10 groups of 100 and pour them into a clear glass. I ask them how many grains of rice are in the cup total (1,000) and then tell them that we are going to call that group 1 (as in 1 whole). Then I take 1 grain out and color it with a black marker and show that to the kids. Finally, I place the grain of black rice into the whole cup again and mix up the rice. This leads the kids towards the discussion of the size of the 1 grain of rice in comparison of the whole cup full of rice. This seems to give the kids a real concrete example of what 1/1,000 looks like. Simply change the number of grains total for anyother decimal. Hope this helps. Tim

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