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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching probability and statistics

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From: James Albert Wendel

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008052013:49:43
Subject: World Breaking Transparent Math

Hi  Mr.Samotokhin Sergey, Vitalievich
That is something that your from Russia . My last programmer goes
there once a month he is one of the best of best programmer in the
world maybe one of the top two.
If you want to program for me you must E-Mail me because what I have
is top secret for now.
My program will be an easy one to program .It will be all in numbers.

This program.is a self proven program meaning you will know it works
before you even start.I have invented a way to see the future in what
will happen and since we can see the future number we can change the
future and use the Math Laws to make our method works.

We already have this method in a program . Yours will only be a back
up to check on the program that is already done.
As we are programming you will get to keep what I teach to you.
What the project does is this

I will teach you how to use the D.N.A.of a number. We will only use
250 of the numbers of the D.N.A.Because the are infinity of them.

I will teach you to not to beat what you call Random Numbers like most
people do, but to use them and to apply the Math Laws to them.

I will teach you to see what will happen before it happens and since
we can see what will happen before it happens we can apply all the
Math Laws that exist today to fit our method of play.

Albert Einstein said you can't predict the future within a pin
point.Not true because in his time we didn't have computers .To
predict the future to a pin point we have backups to our method of
play, meaning it would be possible using only  the  Math Laws that
exist in our Methods of play.to change the future to a pin point...

I will teach you this new Math Called Transparent Math that can beat
anything that exist today

I will take you into new Dimensions that will show you why things
change and prove there is no such word as random numbers.only fools of
yesterday only believe that twisted thinking. The so called Random
Numbers are a set of Numbers that started since time started  

 I will bring you into the future not into what is already known where
people waste there time that is in the past. the past is the past
leave it there.

Today you must have the audacity and courage to find not was is
already known but what isn't known.To step into a new direction and
into to the future to invent something new.

What I will teach you isn't taught at any University or by any
professor's in the world.Nobody in the world can teach This New
Transparent Math because I alone have invented it.
It will take you to a new Dimensional outlook never before seen until
What this Method is use for
Is Picking
Any Horse race in the world.
Stockmarket in minutes or hour or by day.
All table Games 
By beating these games you must beat the word ( if ) Meaning if I did
this what will happen.Since we can see the future and we use the D.N.A
of a number and the numbers in the D.N.A to apply to all the Math Laws
that exist today and the Backups also ,we now have a pin point to what
we need to play..
To All who want to learn now you can E-Mail me at
James Albert Wendel

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