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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Teaching probability and statistics

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From: James Albert Wendel

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008052709:35:33
Subject: Programming Transparent  Math

I need one more programmer to program this new Transparent Math.This
would be the last programmer I need  Please E-Mail me if anyone wants
to join a 6 man team.

The program will be set up to beat these Lotto, Horses , Stockmarket
using Transparent Math
Transparent Math is the new Future Math which has all the answers
which the old math has few.It has many many Dimensions to give you a
new Dimensional outlook that the people of today have never seen.
When I said about Random Numbers that Random Numbers aren't Random is
true ,because you people are seeing things in a one Dimension outlook
and there are Millions of Dimension that are unseen called Transparent
Math.Most professors only teach what is seen but ignore the part that
is unseen which is Transparent but right in front of them.

I forgot to mention the most important part of what this method can do
and the best part.
The Unknown Factors I will teach you as we go along that my method has
a built in Unknown Factor in it also. Meaning this, no matter what has
happen it will adjust to it all my itself. 
Say we are betting on a race all this could happen
The race could be fixed
The horse didn't feel good
The jockey didn't feel like wining today.
The horse next to him did whatever

Even lotto which way would the ball bounce. 
Thousands and thousands more Unknown factors I gave you a few stupid
and wild ones I know. I just wanted to show you there are many.
Well my method has a beat all the Unknown Factors already in the
method. with out knowing these there is no method

You must know all of these also below.
You must see the Future Numbers that aren't seen.
You must beat the word ( if ) Meaning if I did this what will be the
outcome.You always hear people say if I only did this.
You must be able to change the outcome to fit your method of play
since we can see what will happen we can do this and use ALL the Math
Laws that made us lose before and use those same Math Laws now to
Win.This was never done before until now.
You must only use the Math Laws only facts.
You must get away from any sort of Gambling only the Math Laws inside
of the Gambling then return to the Gambling when the Method is done.
You Must NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER GUESS on anything and I mean anything.
only apply the Math Laws and only the facts that are in all the Math
You will also learn Space Timing and to apply it to the Math Laws.

ALL of the above is in the method you are programming. Nothing can be
beaten without all of the above.Nobody in the world can even come
close to this new method.as you will see. 
Much Much more I will have in our Method The system I will teach you
while you are programming as I said.

This will open up a world to you never seen before and all is proven
already. you will start to see WOW this is unbelievable.When I taught
the good programmer he couldn't sleep at nights because what I taught
him. He even flew over here from the U.K.from an island called
Guernsey Island because he thought it would be an honor to meet me.
So what I'm saying here I'm for real with what you will learn.
The Programming is the easy part I know it's allot of programming but
the Method I invented is hard . You should have no problem programming
the method the hard part the method I've done.
E-Mail me back on what you think so far.

James Abert Wendel

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