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From: James Wendel

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008021701:59:16
Subject: Re: Re: Transparent Math

Hi Mr. Zhao Jing. Good evening to you and your family What are the things you can do in math, and to program something into a computer. My Math is a new math that I invented alone and not found in any books or taught in any University What it does it bridges the gap of the now and the future using all the Laws of Math.It also beats all the unknown factors that exist. I also call this new Transparent Math the D.N.A. of a number.The numbers in the D.N.A are use to answer all the unknown factors that it will face.This new Transparent Math makes the math that is taught today by Professors in University's belong in the stone age.I've done what Albert Einstein couldn't do and that was to bridge the gap of the now and the future to a pin point.using the D.N.A. of a number that is called Transparent Math I already had proved that this works many, many times .My method in bridging the gap of the now and the future is a self proven method because it only uses the Laws of Math which we already have known works since time existed. I also invented a Transparent Math in many different Dimension's also why thing's change in these New Dimension.This new Dimensional outlook and Transparent Math using the D.N.A. of a number is the future math that is the end game because after this there is nothing. The math of today that is taught in the University's are still back in the stone age.I always believed instead of just reading what is already discovered invent something that isn't discovered. That is where the future is in what is not known ,not what is already known. My name is James Albert Wendel and I live in the U.S.A. Thanks James

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