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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Long division

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From: Maxine Gaul

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2007062314:32:23
Subject: Steps in long division

After teaching the initial steps in long division I tell my students a story about a family who does a long division problem. These characters also helps the students to remember the steps. Characters: Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Rover Dad divides the dividend by the divisor __1_____ 3) 462 Dad would say how many times 3 goes into 4, and he always puts his number on top the line. Mom multiplies the number Dad put up by the divisor and puts her number below the number Dad went into. __1_______ 3) 462 3 _____ Sister subtracts the number that Mom put put down from the dividend number __1______ 3) 462 3 ______ 1 Brother brings down the next number in the dividend by the difference that sister put down __1_______ 3) 462 3 ______ 16 Rover decides if the number at the bottom is the remainder or if the family has to restart. In this case they would have to restart with Dad saying how many times 3 goes into 16. The family would keep going until the number at the bottom is less than the divisor and Rover would say that the number is the remainder. I find this helps the students remember the steps because each family has their job and that never changes. Dad - Divides Mom - Multiplies Sister - Subtracts Brother - Brings down Rover - Restarts or Remainder

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