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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Who "invented" touch point math?

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From: owen <owenbprince@hotmail.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008061316:29:10
Subject: Re: Re: The Potential Dangers of Teaching Touch Math

To: Manga Lito 

   You said that you are teaching this program and claim it is
extremely successful.  The problem with your opinion is that your
argument is based on your opinion and experience, but not statistical
data or research.  Many teachers in the higher grades are not happy
that you teach touch math.  They are the ones that have to help your
students recover from the NONstandard symbols that you teach.  They
don't have time to reteach grade 1-4 before they can teach high school
school math so your students can get lost and left behind.  
   You asked if rote memory is a better alternative.  In 1966 I made
my first version of "DotMath" and I had the dots on top of the
numbers.  It took me many years to recover from doing that so I don't
think children will recover from your lessons without a great deal of 
help.  To answer your question:  Yes I think rote would be better than
touch math, but you must give them something to memorize.  If you are
interested to see some research then look up the "DotMath for kids"
web site.  Just type "dotMath for kids" into the search box and it
will help you find the site.  You should not torture young 5 and 6
year old children with countless hours of torturous memorization.  You
will find on the site "The Fun Book" that helps explain what a number
is and how to make a "universal standard number symbol" with "dots
around" the number and NOT ON the number symbol.  If you give them
this information and charts to memorize they will have fun and learn
it fast and remember it longer.  These charts are free to copy as I
have no way to find everyone I taught my first verson to.  I want to
help them recover from my first version that had the dots on top of
the number symbol.

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