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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Who "invented" touch point math?

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From: May Twu <mctwu2003@yahoo.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2010121315:26:38
Subject: Re: The Potential Dangers of Teaching Touch Math

I am a mother of an high function autistic child.

Whoever invented touch math is clueless. 

1) blind students cannot learn touch math okay cause they learn by
touch tactile.

2) deaf students do not need to learn touch math method cause they are
not blind or autistic.  They learn by sight like typical normal
mainstream students or by sign language. 

3) autistic students processing of information is disorganized due to
the wiring of their brains being different from the typical normal
developing brain.

So why does touch math does not work?

1) the ASD child lose track and count of tapping and gets lost in
tapping than learning quantitative logical reasoning for basic math
concepts.  They end up doing mindless tapping on some number and have
a hard time memorizing that position of the dots and that double dots
means double tap.  Then you start to do velcro and the ASD child
starts to fidget with the velcro for sensory issues and stimming
rather than learning actual math. 

2) the disorganization of processing makes the ASD child lose count of
what he is actually trying to do which is basic math

3) in the end, it is one big mess for adding and subtracting tapping
what BACKWARDS to do subtracting???? 

What is wrong with old fashion counting with fingers are using an
abacus which involves visual and tactile methods???

Also, my son understands the concepts but is the touch math method of
computing that confusing him and gets him the wrong answer cause he
cannot even tap accurately or properly. 

He does math by using his fingers and has even memorized some simple
math equation quickly. 

Touch math needs to go and put it to rest.  Is BS way of teaching math
to students whether in special ed or general ed. 

Most importantly, if any child has a hard time learning by one method,
then it is up to the teacher's creative ways to teach alternative
method to help the child learn by understanding how the child's mind
process information.  It is no use when you force or make any child
conform to one way of learning. 

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