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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Who "invented" touch point math?

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From: Siva Heiman <mathgames@hotmail.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2013122604:06:21
Subject: Re: The Potential Dangers of Teaching Touch Math

December 26, 2013

Hi Angela G. Andrews,

Thanks for your article about the downsides of Touch Math. I totally
agree with all your concerns and have been trying to tell people the
same message ever since I learned about Touch Math several years ago.
Your article spells it out so well. I hope you do not mind if I quote

I am now retired but have a masters degree in math education so my
teaching was in grades 7 to 12 and remedial math at the college level.
Having taught hundreds of student, I began to see some patterns. The
students who were good at math had developed some math thinking
strategies. Usually they said they had figured them out on their own
or they learned from someone in their family. The strugglers hadn't.
Their only strategies were memorizing and counting on. As a result, I
am passionate about teaching the addition facts with CONCEPTS to
children in 1st grade so that they can practice these concepts and do
not have the burden of unlearning bad habits. 

In January 2014 I plan to publishing The Visual Math™ Addition &
Subtraction Kit and make it available on Amazon.com. This Kit contains
a deck of 40 poker size Visual Math™ playing cards and a 28 page
illustrated guidebook. The guidebook shows adults how to help a child
learn 15 math concepts using the Visual Math™ numerals, cartoons and
sayings on the cards. (For example, 9 is a Hungry Bug and 8 is a Very
Hungry Bug.) These concepts can be practiced in a fun and engaging way
with 3 magic tricks and 6 card games. If you'd like me to mail you a
review copy of the Visual Math™ playing cards and the guidebook,
please let me know where to send it. If you see ways to improve the
Kit, I hope you will let me know. If you like the Kit, I hope you will
let the world know by reviewing it on Amazon.com.

Sincerely yours,

Siva Heiman

p.s. If you google my name, you can see a newspaper article about me
and a picture of 2 of my products that won awards from Dr. Toy for 10
Best Educational Products. The Visual Math™ playing cards are
actually a revision of the addition and subtraction concepts taught in
the award winning Path to Math™ Kit.


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