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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Adopting a new mathematics curriculum

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From: Owen

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008010815:26:47
Subject: Re: Re: Saxon math

To Joy Bennett: I found the Saxon text costs more than some of the other texts but it gives you a lot more value. I gave it a positive review on my site. I researched different text books and concepts and felt that it was one of the better books. Most text books specialize in one perspective. They can't be all things to all people. You, the teacher, are the expert in explaining and teaching the concepts. The text book is only a guide to help focus the students attention on the material. If the text book does not do that, then you must supplement the information with whatever you find works best for that student. No two students learn exactly the same way or we could program a robot computer to teach everyone exactly the same and not need real teachers. This is why we have teachers. To evaluate the level the student is at and what works best for that student based on how the student learns. Some are visual, some action, some tactile and some need all three ways to learn. Special Education classes have students who tend to need all three types of lessons to learn the concepts. I think repetition is very important for your students but it should be done in a way that combines all types of learning- (visual, action, tactile and sound ). I have a web site to teach math (k-4) with some charts that you can copy for free . You may find my charts very helpful for your students. They start out with dot patterns, like dice, to help them define what a number is. They then explain how to associate the dot patterns with the number symbol and how to subtract groups so they don't need to count backwards or on their fingers. DotMath explains how digital numbers are made and how a calculator works on the inside so they can beat the calculator in a race. You can find the "DotMath for kids" web site with the google search box. I hope this helps you and your students have fun with math. Owen

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