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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Fibonacci Sequence

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From: jose <jose.toj@hotmail.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2008030418:48:44
Subject: Re: Piano notes

On 2002040520:56:26, Loyd wrote:
>The octave on a piano is misnamed because all the keys are equal as
>far as frequency is concerned.  The A above middle C is 440 Hz.  The
>next key, (be it black or white) is 440 x 2^(1/12)=466.16 and the
>is the last key times x 2^(1/12 and so forth.
>2^(1/12)=1.059463094 so one can use that factor to find successive
>notes.  The key before A above middle C would be 440/(2^(1/12)).  
>The scientific calculator is great for this since it permits raising
>number to a fractional power. 
>By the way, there are 12 spaces in an octave and all are 1/12 octave
>apart.  One counts the spaces, not the keys.  

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