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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Trigonometry Ratios

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From: Keith Urquhart

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2001050619:32:53
Subject: Re: How do I calculate the three angles in a right triangle?

1.name the three sides of your right-angled triangle: hypotenuse,opposite and adjacent. Hypotenuse being the longest side (opposite the right angle) Opposite being opposite the angle you are trying to find. 2. Using any one of the ideas that other people have used here... I use Soh Cah Toa Sin= o/h Cos= a/h Tan= o/a In your example, lets say the shorter sides are 4 and 5 for example... you would use the opposite and adjacent sides (as you have that information: therefore Tan= o/a which in this case could be Tan= 4/5 Then using your scientific calculator, or log tables, calculate the measure of your angle. best wishes, ps we don't say math, but maths (short for mathematics) Keith (teacher in the UK)

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