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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Trigonometry Ratios

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From: Valerie <valerie@elson.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2005051901:54:09
Subject: Re: Re: How to spell Trigonometry

I came across your post when I did a Google search for "math or
maths." (with the quotation marks but not the period) I'm 64 years old
and only in the last few days have I learned of the use of the word
"maths." I'm flabbergasted! How could I have lived so long and not run
into this word before? It makes me laugh! The first time I saw it I
assumed it was a typographical error. I recently joined a web site
that has a game called "Maths Nightmare." They used the word in the
description of the game and in other text sprinkled around the site.
That's when I realized they weren't making a mistake, but were using
the 's' tacked onto 'math' on purpose. That's also when I decided to
make a Google search and, voila! here I am. Thanks for the
information. I guess I've fallen into a clutch of Aussies, or Brits,
or... Canadians? (do Canadians say, "maths?"). --In all good humor,
Sincerely, Valerie

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