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Teachers' Lounge Discussion: Introductory trigonometry: right triangle

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From: stacey

To: Teacher2Teacher Public Discussion
Date: 2002121418:38:04
Subject: trigonometry

Hi.. I have a project due this week and I need help on it hugely.. if you can help me at all that would be great The largest Ferris Wheel in the world is the London Eye in England. the heigh(in meters) of the rider on the london eye after t minutes can be described by the function h(t)=70+67sin (pie over 15) (t - 30) a) what is the dianmeter of this ferris wheel? b) where is te rider at a= 0? c) how high off the groud is the rider at the top of the wheel d) At what time (s) will the rider be at the bottom of the ferris wheel? e) How long does it take for the ferris wheel to go though on rotation Thank you so much if you can help me.. I really need a good mark on this to pass my course.. so it would be great if I could get help Stacey

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